About Me


My name is Dani and I am a 32-year-old wife and mother of two ridiculous pit bulls, a geriatric hedgehog, and an April baby-to-be.

I live on a farm-ette in rural Wisconsin and have absolutely no idea how to take care of all of it.
I am a dance teacher who will always leap in public places, squeal at Nutcracker music, and value being a good role model over everything else.
I have worked for 11 years in the animal behavior and welfare industry and will unwaveringly advocate for animals and the people who dedicate their lives to being their voice.
I will always notify you when there are rainbows or cows in sight.
I believe good things happen when it snows and am a professional bargain shopper.
I am addicted to nachos and could eat them seven days a week for the rest of my life.
I am an early bird who has a seriously hard time waking up in the morning.
If I am not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying.
My greatest pet peeves are people who make noise in the movie theater, dried up Sharpies, group texts with people, and people who don't put their shopping carts away.
I believe there is always a good reason to drink cheap champagne.
I listen to Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra more than any other music and it always makes me think of Christmas.
I become a vicious monster if I haven't eaten in more than three hours.
I, like many women, have gone through the devastation of a miscarriage, but I choose to become strengthened by the experience and grateful for the universe’s plan.
I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and now have the goal to run the Walt Disney Dopey Challenge one day.
I am trying to learn how to cook but have an irrational fear of setting my house on fire.
I have more shades of lipstick, graphic tees, and pairs of sparkly Keds than any one girl needs.
I am namas'cray about hot yoga.
I am a hippie flower child who will go braless and barefoot in the sunshine any chance I get.
I lived in Wyoming for three years and it will always hold a big piece of my heart.
If I were a breakfast pastry I would be a toasted butter croissant.
I am an awkward conversationalist and DREAD having small talk.
My favorite places are Walt Disney World, New York City, and Yellowstone National Park.
I have a strong aversion about my hands and feet unexpectedly touching slimy stuff and will not swim in open water.
I love holidays, every single one of them no matter how big or small.
My favorite color is yellow.
If I were a dog, I would be a Jack Russell Terrier.
I believe life is nothing if you don’t have something to stand for.
I believe impossible things are possible, that life is beautiful even when it is hard, and that the universe works in mysterious ways when we are on our true path. 

I believe we live in a wonderful world full of beauty, wonder, charm, love, and laughter and there is no end to the adventures we can have if only we have the courage, curiosity, and presence to seek them.