about me



My name is Dani and I am a 32-year-old wife, of six-months, and mother of two ridiculous pit bulls and a geriatric hedgehog.
I live on a farm-ette in rural Wisconsin and have absolutely no idea how to take care of it. 
I am a ballet teacher who will always leap in public places, squeal at Nutcracker music, and value being a good role model over everything else.
I will always notify you of rainbows and cows in sight.
I believe good things happen when it snows and am a professional bargain shopper.
There is nothing better than the first sip of coffee in the morning. 
I am addicted to nachos and could eat them seven days a week for the rest of my life.
I am an early bird who has a seriously hard time waking up in the morning.
If I am not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I'm crying.
My greatest pet peeves are people who make noise in the movie theater, dried up Sharpies, group texts, and people who don't put their shopping carts away.
I believe there is always a good reason to drink cheap champagne.
Princess Anna, Leslie Knope, and Taylor Swift are my soul sisters. 
I become a vicious monster if I haven't eaten in more than three hours.
I, like many women, have gone through the devastation of a miscarriage, but I choose to become strengthened by the experience
I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon and now have the goal to run the Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge one day.
I am trying to learn how to cook but have an irrational fear of setting my house on fire.
I have more shades of lipstick, graphic tees, and pairs of sparkly Keds than any one girl needs.
I am namas'cray about hot yoga.
I will always have three drinks with me at any given time and carry way too many bags.
I am a hippie flower child who will go braless and barefoot in the sunshine any chance I get. 
I lived in Wyoming for three years and it will always hold a big place in my heart.
If I were a breakfast pastry I would be a toasted butter croissant.
I am an awkward conversationalist and DREAD having small talk.
I have worked in animal welfare for the last ten years and nothing will make me go Mama Bear faster than the mistreatment of animals.
My favorite places are Walt Disney World, New York City, and Yellowstone National Park.
I have a strong aversion about my hands and feet unexpectedly touching slimy stuff and will not swim in open water.
I love holidays, every single one of them no matter how big or small. 
My favorite color is yellow. 
If I were a dog, I would be a Jack Russel Terrier.
I believe impossible things are possible and that the universe works in mysterious ways when we are on our true path.



I am a chronic worrier, excuse-maker, "saver", people-pleaser, and self-proclaimed perfectionist.
I am happier than I have been in years, but still feel outrageously insecure.
I am awkward and I trip and I say the wrong things.
I can be painfully shy and will always ere on the side of keeping to myself rather than putting myself out there and connecting with others.
I am always going to play to what is safe and easy versus what is authentic and risky.
I am my own worst critic, road block, and Negative Nancy.
I am a girl with a closet full of clothes with the tags still attached, a drawer full of lotions waiting to be used, a pile of gifts standing in line for the perfect time to be unwrapped.
I have an Excel spreadsheet filled with adventures, experiences, DIY projects, recipes, and places I would love to try, but can always find a reason to put them off.
I am a professional at talking about amazing ideas and then never following through to turn them to reality.
I spend more time making organized plans, color-coding them on my calendar, and listing out my To Do's in perfect penmanship than I actually spend *doing*.

I live an amazing life that I am proud and grateful for, but believe in stretching myself in new and positive directions because I want to live a life outside of my well-defined comfort zones.
I want to throw the rules I've created for myself for the last 32-years out the window
I want to stop waiting around for the "right" opportunity.
I want to say and do the things that I want to say and do, right when I want to say and do them.
I want to embrance spontaneity.
I want to face my fears head on even when I am terrified.
I want to wear bold colors, order the specials I don't think I'll like, and talk to the people who intimidate me.
I want to be able to say "I've done that!" more than I can say "I've always wanted to ..."

Life is not about only living for the weekend or vacation or special occasions or when everything else on your list is done.
Life is not about saving things for the perfect occasion or waiting until the right moment.
Life is not about allowing fear to take the reigns or playing the supporting character in your own life.
Life is not about settling for a C+ when you could hustle for an A. 
Life is not about worrying about the past or obsessing over the future while the present moment passes you by.
Life is not about regretting and holding onto grudges and worrying about what other people might think.
Life is not about always choosing the things you know you will like and know you can do.

Life is about experiencing all that we can experience and exploring each inch of the world around us.
Life is about celebrating every little thing while we are on the way to accomplishing our biggest dreams (and our biggest To Do lists).
Life is about LIVING it instead of just Pinteresting it.
Life is about  getting out there and living the brighter and bolder life you've been watching other people live on their Instagram accounts. 
Life is about what you can achieve when you stop talking and begin doing.
Life is about venturing outside of your comfort zone and realizing how rewarding it can be. 
Life is about discovering who you are and fearlessly being that person. 
Life is about breaking old habits and finally replacing them with healthier, happier, and harder ones. 
Life is about being vulnerable and connecting with others. 
Life is about diving into each moment with full-impact intention.
Life is about getting out there, trying new things, creating memories, and seeking adventure around every corner.

This project is one about life and what happens when you choose to do more than just exist in it.
This project is one of trying new things even if they totally freak me out.
This project is one of exploring new places without fear of getting lost forever.
This project is one of being brave even when my voice is shaking.
This project is one of believing in impossible things.
This project is one of meeting new people and realizing we are all more similar than we are different.
This project is one of discovering my passions and appreciating the things that make my heart smile.
This project is one of living life with an enthusiastic rhythm.
This project is one of saying "yes" more than I say "no".
This project is one of creating memories instead of creating plans. 
This project is one of living life full-impact, full-volume, full-vibrance, and full-out.

To live would be an awfully big adventure.
— Peter Pan

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