My name is Dani and I am a 32-year-old wife, of six-months and mother of two ridiculous pit bulls.

I live on a farm-ette in rural Wisconsin and have absolutely no idea how to take care of it. 
I am a ballet teacher who will always leap in public places, squeal at Nutcracker music.
I will always notify you of rainbows and cows in sight.
I believe good things happen when it snows and am a professional bargain shopper.
There is nothing better than the first sip of coffee in the morning. 
I am addicted to nachos and could eat them seven days a week for the rest of my life.
I am an early bird who has a seriously hard time waking up in the morning.
I believe there is always a good reason to drink cheap champagne.
Princess Anna, Leslie Knope, and Taylor Swift are my soul sisters. 
I am trying to learn how to cook but have an irrational fear of setting my house on fire.
I have more shades of lipstick, graphic tees, and pairs of sparkly Keds than any one girl needs.
I am namas'cray about hot yoga.
I am a hippie flower child who will go braless and barefoot in the sunshine any chance I get. 

Life is not all about crossing the finish line, but the experiences we have along the way.
Life is not about only living on the weekend or vacation or special occasions or when everything else is done.
Life is not about only rewarding ourselves when we've conquered everything on our calendar. 
Life is about experiencing all that we can experience.
Life is about celebrating every little thing while we are on the way to accomplishing our biggest dreams.
Life is about doing all of the things we've always said we wanted to do.
Life is about LIVING it instead of just Pinteresting it.
Life is about actually getting out there and living the brighter and bolder life you've been watching other people live on their Instagram accounts. 
Life is about what you can achieve when you stop talking and begin doing.
Life is about venturing outside of your comfort zone and realizing how rewarding it can be. 
Life is about discovering who you are and fearlessly being that person.